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 Forst Technologie Gmbh & Co. KG Solingen is well known for decades as leading manufacturer of broaching machines, broaching tools and broach sharpening machines and has kept on giving broaching technology new impetus.

A short look at the company's history:

Founded in 1909 by Oswald Forst who had his company registered in 1914. In the beginning, horizontal mechanically driven broaching machines were produced. As a completion and in the course of technical developments, oil hydraulic driven systems were used from 1928 - in the beginning for horizontal machines and later on also for vertical machines in one- and two-cylinder design. For the manufacturing of the drive-aggregates („Energatoren“), shortly named ENOR-drives, a separate production facility was installed in 1940.

In 1944, the main production facilities in Solingen were destroyed by bombs. Only in 1948, after the currency reform, the re-construction could be started considering extension possibilities due to technical developments. Further production facilities became available with the founding of the daughter company Forst Broach in Great Britain in 1957 as well as with Dagger Forst in India.
What has happened since then?


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